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Start small to test your BIG business idea!

You don’t have to blow your budget to ‘dip a toe in the water’ and splash around with a new business idea. A self-hosted WordPress blog could be exactly what you need! If you don’t yet have a small business idea, perhaps you have a specialist interest or hobby you’d like to blog about – well here’s a thing!

You don’t have to spend hours wading through a WordPress techy manual or give yourself a headache trying to connect your domain name to your hosting account.

You can have all the technical installation work sorted out for you

My friends at ProHostGold are offering you Free WordPress Blog Installation with
their very reasonable hosting packages. Exclusive via this Website Designs Chester link.
(Hosting packages start from as little as £1 per month)

WordPress installation & all the technical bits set-up for you
to get you up and running very quickly!

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After Purchase of your hosting package, contact
ProHostGold support and they’ll get your installation sorted!

Please note, the above link is a referral link that relates to THIS free WP installation offer.
Unlike many hosting companies, ProHostGold are reliable, friendly and very helpful.

No excuses, no barriers – are you a self starter?

The perfect solution if you’re new to blogging and don’t have the technical knowledge to get started on your own or don’t yet have the budget to hire me for a custom website design.

Get Your Small Business Running The Right Way – Faster!

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